Rent4sure Tenant Referencing________ Complete Landlord and Tenant Protection

If you are looking for fast, effective and reliable tenant referencing plus the option of rent protection then try our recommended provider, Rent4sure, with fantastic service packages for clients referred by us. Real estate website software

Why Choose Rent4sure Professional Referencing?

  • Full Tenant Referencing Solution - Two forms of reference are available - Credit Check and a Full Reference.
  • Dedicated Local Account Manager - Ensures your agency receives the very highest level of service.
  • User-friendly Online System - Provides agents with a clear and efficient management system when ordering and monitoring applications.
  • Rent Protection - Protect both your agency income and relationships with your landlords clients with Rent4sure's fully insured cover. Policies are available for 6 or 12 month periods, with or without an excess. Underwritten by Brit Insurance this product makes both commercial sense and reassurance for both Agent and Landlord. Rent4sure manage all their Rental Protection policies, ensuring that making a claim is as straightforward as ordering the policy in the first place.

Totally Streamline Your Tenant Referencing With 'Tenant Complete'


For us, this is one of the most exciting features of using Rent4sure, as it can majorly improve the speed and efficiency of getting references completed - thus boosting your agency's productivity.

With Rent4sure, applicants can submit their details directly, with minimal information from the Agent. The applicant will receive an instructing email to log on and complete their personal information online. The agent is able to monitor and track the progress from their Agent Suite. 


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